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To contact the Education Department, please email or call 202-750-0610.

stories revoltosa EDUCATION.jpg

In Spanish with English surtitles
For ages 10 and up

An outspoken woman upturns traditions with her neighbors and delights in exposing social hypocrisies. A story between men and women, and two ways of seeing the world. This entertaining zarzuela is something so popular and so Spanish, yet the stories are universal. To the rhythm of the music, everyone’s hearts will open until they meet with a happy ending. It is happy because wanting to understand each other is always rewarding.

stories flamenco EDUCATION.jpg

For children and youth ages 5 and up

Sara Jerez and Richard Marlowe lead an interactive performance with castanets, fans, and zapateo demonstrations for students.

stories gardens EDUCATION.jpg

In Spanish with English surtitles
For ages 10 and up

In a northwest DC neighborhood, two families – one a young Latino couple new to the neighborhood, the other a pair of older conservatives – clash over a garden dispute that soon turns into much more. This timely and brilliant comedy places the cultural and generational conflict in the context of the Latinx community, creating an experience that is equally enlightening and entertaining.

stories valentia EDUCATION.jpg

In Spanish with English surtitles
For ages 10 and up

Sanzol expertly constructs a tale brimming with family feuds and supernatural secrets. This rollicking comedy finds sisters Trini and Guarda battling over whether to sell their beloved family summer home that sits next to a bustling highway. With each increasingly absurd tactic they use to get their way, the sisters encounter mysterious visitors who provide hilarious twists and turns.

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stories sylvia EDUCATION.jpg


For ages 5-12

Can an eight-year-old girl make a difference? Learn how at that age Sylvia Méndez became the face of the landmark case to desegregate California schools for Latinx children in the 1940s and inspired people of all ages to fight for change. The production mixes powerful poetry, charming music, and a moving story in a testament to integrity, inclusion, and friendship.

stories principe EDUCATION.jpg


For ages 5-12

Based on the children’s book King and King by Linda Haan and Stern, Príncipe y Príncipe captures the charm of fairy tales at their finest. When a Queen calls together all the unmarried princesses in the land to meet her son, he must discover which will be his true love. But it may not be a princess he’s searching for… A funny, sweet, and heartwarming celebration of love in all forms.

GALA provides access to a high-quality theater education experience in a bilingual environment where students and teachers can connect and learn more about the diversity of Latin-American and Hispanic arts and cultures. Through student matinees, GALA strives to share the excitement of the theatre, introduce cultural heritage, enrich knowledge of Latino/a/x culture, and inspire the next generation of theatre makers, theatre-goers, and artists.


All programs are designed to be aligned with the Common Core ELA standards, promoting literacy, improving language skills, and increasing knowledge about history and literature, and with DCPS Arts Standards.


For each student matinee, we provide bilingual study guides that contain information on the play, synopsis, themes, history, supplemental materials, and more. These are shared four (4) weeks before the performance. After the performance, students will engage in a post-performance discussion centered on the students' viewing experience. Teachers may request copies of the script to be used for educational purposes only.  

All student matinees are on weekdays at 10:30 am.

Main Stage matinees are curated for middle and high school students. Cost: $15 each

GALita matinees are curated for elementary school students. Cost: $10 each.

For every 20 students, we provide one free ticket for teachers. 

Teachers on the student matinee reservation will receive one free complimentary teacher admission to an evening or weekend of the show that corresponds to their student matinee reservation, once the invoice for the student matinee has been paid in full. Subject to availability. 


Please continue scrolling to view dates and up-to-date availability for the 2022-2023 school year.


We are experiencing glitches with our calendar. All student matinees start at 10:30 am

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