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Enjoy performances by and interviews with our artists, created during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Curated by Artistic Producing Director Hugo Medrano, this series of videos entertain and reflect on several topics that resonate with audiences today.

A  Venezuelan in DC Makes His Dream Come True

Delbis Cardona tells us why he dropped Business Administration studies in his native Venezuela to become an actor, and how playwright Gustavo Ott connected him with GALA. He's been a company member since 2018, has appeared in numerous GALA and GALita productions, and is a teaching artist with the Paso Nuevo Youth Program.

Let The Children Meet Sylvia Méndez

Salvadoran-American playwright and director Cornelia Cody speaks about GALita's production La llamada de Sylvia Méndez: Separate Is Never Equal, Cody's multiculturality and her beginnings at GALA, and how the relationship with the theatre grew and evolved to date.

Lorca's Poetry in Cuban Voices
Cuban actors Catherine Núñez and Laura Alemán tell us about their careers and participation in Doña Rosita la soltera. Núñez and Alemán explain the importance of producing Nando López’s version of Lorca’s story, which tears down the stereotype of women seen as wives and mothers only.

For the Love of Tango
Rosalía Gasso and Alejandro Barrientos, choreographers and dancers in GALA's Ella es tango musical revue, tell us about how they fell in love with each other and decided to work together, which led them to becoming a famous tango couple touring the US, Europe, and Asia.

The Passion of Tango Is Female
Meet playwright Patricia Suárez, and actor and director Claudio Aprile. Native of Argentina, these artists are part of GALA's production of Ella es tango, a sizzling musical revue. They reflect on the importance of producing this show to highlight the stories of feminists in a time when feminism was yet not accepted by society. 

Cuban Music For the "Feeling" Era

Enjoy the delightful song No te importe saber by René Touzet, performed by singer Anamer Castrello and accompanied on piano by Mari Paz. Long-time DC residents, these artists travel back in time to recall the rhythms of the “feeling” era when singers and musicians were intricately linked. 

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